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The Tibetan Challenges

From the time we started working in Nepal, we quickly realized that there are some glaring needs to effectively reach the frontiers beyond the city. The Tibetan people especially have unique challenges that keep them in darkness. 

The Tibetan people of the Himalayas are still one of the least reached areas in the 10x40 window that need pioneer workers. Many various ethnicities are scattered throughout the remote regions and speak various dialects. Many are illiterate, while some don’t even have a written language! 

Prayer Band

We recognize that we are in a spiritual warfare that must be fought with spiritual weapons. Believers and churches must be informed about the needs and pray purposefully together in unity. We  have a website to assist in this. Learn more at our Prayer Band website. 

Gospel Website

While the governments are a distinct barrier with limitations and strict regulations for the propagation of the Gospel, it is the Buddhist religion that keeps the hearts in captivity and blinded by traditions and superstitions. Effective bridges must be built from their worldview to clearly communicate the Gospel before indigenous church planting can take place. 10% of Nepal's population live in the capital city and many across the country have internet access. We may provide Bible resources for those who are interested in accessing our content directly on their devices at

MP3 players for Villages


There are some known believers scattered among the Tibetan villages in Nepal. Many are alone and illiterate, possessing a limited knowledge of the Bible, making them easy prey for false teachers. There is a great need to provide adequate doctrinal training for those who are not able to come to the city for formal education.

We are currently having literature translated and recorded that we can add to songs and Bible messages. These will then be downloaded on to solar powered MP3 players and delivered regularly to pastors and Christian families who desire to grow in the World of God. Below you will learn some of the specific needs we have to see this happen. We plan to take 100 mp3 players in October of 2021 to download and deliver the first recordings! To learn more how you can help with the specific needs, click here.



Bible College                           in Kathmandu


We have had the privilege to teach at the Bible College led by our friend Adarsha Gurung. They are training servants of God from many villages and cities across Nepal. Please watch this video by our friend about our new Village Audio Ministry.

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